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With our experience in kitchen and bath remodels, it only makes sense that we have practical plumbing experience. Plumbing repair is often one of those things you try to fix yourself. It can be one of the most costly mistakes you can make. Get your plumbing repairs done by an expert... even if it's something that might look minor.

The obvious places for plumbing repair include the kitchen and bath. But whereever those pipes go, we follow! We fix leaks under the house, in crawl spaces, under flooring, in basements. We install toilets and washing machines in basements and make sure the plumbing is perfect is leak free. Leaking pipes and spouts can result in high-water bills and property damage over time. Even a minor repair is something that needs to be taken seriously.

Bathroom and kitchen plumbing can involve more than plumbing. This type of improvement can include installing a new bathroom outfitted with such amenities as a vanity, toilet, or shower. You're getting in and under cabinites, behind tile, under floors and inside the wall space. A handyman is perfect for this situation.

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