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Sump Pump Installation and Repair

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A sump pump is easy to forget about until it stops working. Usually tucked away in a hole in the corner of the basement floor, a reliable sump pump will last for many years.

Hearing strange noises can mean your sump pump needs to be replaced. Basement puddles are even more obvious clues. You should not wait until that one treacherous storm hits and your wading in a foot of water in your basement.

Disposing of the old sump pump and replacing it with a new one involves some light plumbing and electrical work.

Battery-operated, backup sump pumps are a also good idea for added security and peace of mind when the power fails. Afterall, what's the first thing to go in a thunder storm? One of the most common causes of basement floods is due to a power failure - not a sump pump failure. This is a plumbing and eletrical job that we can handle.

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