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Deck and Patio Repair

in All Outside Deck Patio Carpentry

Let's face it, your deck or patio takes the worst beating of any other part of your home. This is where you stamp all the mud and dirt off your shoes before going into the house. This is where the sun, the rain, the snow and sometimes even the hail hammer relentlessly day in and day out.

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Cabinet Installation, Repair, Replacement

in Kitchen Bathroom Carpentry Cabinets All Featured

The cabinets can be the most expensive part of a kitched remodel but that doesn't have to be the case! There are many options including refacing, painting or even just some simple repairs.

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Handrails And Safety Rails

in Living Spaces Bathroom Handrails Stairs Steps Home Entryway Hallways All Carpentry Featured

A loose handrail can be one of the most unsafe things in your home. The expectation that it will bear your weight and provide stability and support must match the ability of that same handrail to do so... otherwise you or visitors to your home could find themselves with a serious injury.

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In Home Brewery!

in Plumbing Basement Carpentry All

Hey, beer lovers! Rather than go to the bar for your favorite draught, you can make beer at home in your in-home brewery. Your private label can be ordered in brewing kits or purchase separately.

It's not about drinking at home... it's about being at home with friends. This is the cool factor you've been looking at that really does turn your basement into a man-cave.

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Home Theater Installation

in Electrical Home Theater Audio-Visual TV Installation Wiring Basement Living Spaces All Carpentry Featured

Why go through the trouble of driving to a movie theater, paying big bucks for admission, and overpaying for popcorn, candy, and drinks? Why should you go through these hassles when you can convert your basement into a home theater? Just imagine your unused basement converted to a private movie theater complete with a big-screen; high-resolution TV; a premium sound system; comfy, reclining chairs, and a fully tricked out bar that serves as your concession stand.

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Vanities and Mirrors - Repair and Replacement

in Plumbing Bathroom Vanities Mirrors Electrical Carpentry All

A starting point for rehabbing a bathroom may begin with repairing or replacing vanities and mirrors. The number of options for replacing bathroom vanities is mind-boggling.

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Drywall Repair

in Drywall All Rooms Kitchen Basement Living Spaces Bathroom Carpentry All Featured

Life happens. A hole in drywall can occur if moving a piece of furniture gets out of control, or someone loses their balance and uses the wall to catch themselves.

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