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Faucet and Sink Replacements

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Is there anything more annoying than a leaking faucet? Maybe it's time to replace it... or at least fix it. And while you're at it, what does that sink look like? Taking care of both of those issues at the same time can save you not only grief, it can save you money. Leaking pipes and spouts resulted in unnecessarily high-water bills and are a waste of our most precious natural resource. Also, unchecked water leaks can damage materials made of wood and masonry. If making light plumbing repairs isn't your thing, Just Call Jason. Our handymen will fix those leaking pipes and faucets. If you want, they can replace those tired, old fixtures with new, fashion-forward accessories of your choice.

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Garbage Disposal Installation and Repair

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How many times have you stuck the broom handle into your disposal to get it working again? Maybe it's time to get your disposal repaired or replaced.

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Plumbing Installation Repair and Replacement

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With our experience in kitchen and bath remodels, it only makes sense that we have practical plumbing experience. Plumbing repair is often one of those things you try to fix yourself. It can be one of the most costly mistakes you can make. Get your plumbing repairs done by an expert... even if it's something that might look minor.

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Sump Pump Installation and Repair

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A sump pump is easy to forget about until it stops working. Usually tucked away in a hole in the corner of the basement floor, a reliable sump pump will last for many years.

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In Home Brewery!

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Hey, beer lovers! Rather than go to the bar for your favorite draught, you can make beer at home in your in-home brewery. Your private label can be ordered in brewing kits or purchase separately.

It's not about drinking at home... it's about being at home with friends. This is the cool factor you've been looking at that really does turn your basement into a man-cave.

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Shower Repairs and Replacement

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There are a few telltale signs that your shower needs repair. Look for flaking or bubbling paint on the walls, mold, floorboards, and other unexpected places where water is detected.

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Vanities and Mirrors - Repair and Replacement

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A starting point for rehabbing a bathroom may begin with repairing or replacing vanities and mirrors. The number of options for replacing bathroom vanities is mind-boggling.

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Toilet Repairs and Installation

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Repairing or replacing toilets can be an unpleasant and cumbersome task. Over time, the inner workings of toilets wear out that cause water to run uncontrollably. When running water in a commode cannot be stopped by merely jiggling the handle, it might be time to replace the fixtures inside the tank.

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Fixing Leaking Pipes and Faucets

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Leaking pipes and spouts result in unnecessarily high-water bills and are a waste of our most precious natural resource. Also, unchecked water leaks can damage materials made of wood and masonry.

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