Tilework – Backsplashes, Showers, Walls, Floors

Tilework - Backsplashes, Showers, Walls, Floors

Nothing adds more personality to a room than tile. The backsplash becomes the kitchen accent. The tilework in the bathroom turns an otherwise bland and ordinary space into a masterpiece!

Tile is beautiful and often desired but it is not easy to work with. Cutting tile can be dusty and without the right equipment, can even be dangerous. This is definitely one of those projects you should hand off to your local professional handyman.

Unless you are a highly skilled DIYer, leave backsplashes and tile work installation to the professionals. Just Call Jason at 937-309-0525.

Florida Tile

We use nothing but the best products for your project — like Florida Tile.

JCJ is a certified installer of Florida Tile. See all of the stunning options at floridatile.com.

Surface cleaning & restoration could be your best option.

Our friends at Transformations Plus offer full surface cleaning and restoration services for carpets, hard flooring, tiles, and other surfaces when a full remodel isn’t necessary.

Transformations Plus